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About trendana

The Wholesale and Distribution Partner


We are a Germany based distribution company and act as wholesale or direct retail company in Europe depending on the product and the right distribution model for it.

We use different distribution models always tailored to the product like

  • direct online retail
  • traditional distribution as wholesale to retail business
  • Club model distribution
  • Sharing economy approach
  • delivery subscription
  • and other

We are always looking for special products. A special product is not only providing a product, service or a solution but is also

  • qualitative - we don't believe in cheap products. Customers value quality.
  • innovative - a new product or at least not that common in Europe
  • ethical - working condition and supplier management is on the top of fairness
  • ecological - We believe that good business does not have to harm our nature. Ecological attitude leads to a better and longer lasting business.


Contact us

We are happy to distribute your products in Europe.

trendana UG (limited liability company)
Elisabeth-Feller-Weg 7, 12205 Berlin, Germany